Hope 4 Johnstown

"Zero is the standard."




Starts with us and the community

Hope 4 Johnstown is a grassroots organization established by members of the community to curb violence in the city. We strengthen our community by embracing our differences and coming together to stand against the causes of violence and improve the city we call home.


-We are mothers, fathers, city officials, and friends desiring to be the change we want to see in our community.

-We spearhead initiatives needed most to enrich the lives of the those around us.

-We aim to bring together the community through the events we host.

-Keep reading to learn more about our efforts...

New at Hope 4 Johnstown

2nd Annual Fades n Braids Events partners with Greater Johnstown School District to bring joy to school kids

2nd Annual 814 FunDay ensures more than 300 children have one spectacular summer day

We need your help! We request the assistance of Johnstown residents aged 18-25 as we try to better understand the community. To participate in a short survey, go to:

Alert: Covid-19 preventions

Stay Home.

Stay Safe.

Wash hands regularly.

Wear a mask if going out.